The Roadies have two groups, Regular and Long. Regular rides are 35-45 miles. Long rides are 50-60+ miles long. There are strong riders in each group but Long riders ride for a longer time.

Average speeds for the whole ride for Regular rides are 14-18 mph and 16-18 mph for the Long rides. We are not a “racing” oriented club. If someone really is too slow we make sure they know where they are and how to get back to the start. Routes are planned using RideWithGPS and the “route map” link for each ride goes to the route where you can view, download to a GPS navigation device, or print a cue sheet.

Please introduce yourself when you come out on a ride. Visitors will be required to sign the NCCC Liability Waiver. Riders are expected to follow the NCCC Rules of Etiquette on all club rides. Also of interest is this article on Info for Group Riding. Send questions regarding Roadies rides to Ursula at Thanks to our ride coordinators Ken for Regular rides, Sean for Long rides, and Karl for Sunday rides.

FYI: e-bike policy is described here. Contact your ride leader before bringing a bike with electric assist to a club ride.

The NCCC Liability Waiver can be found here.

Saturday Long Rides

Rides start @OCRR at 8:00 am, unless otherwise noted.
Ride leader: Sean Brennan

Monthly plan:

  • The first Saturday of each month the ride focuses on hills with total climbing typically between 5,000 and 8,000 feet. This may include pitches of over 15%.
  • The second Saturday of the month is dedicated to a longer than typical ride in the range of 70-100 miles.
  • The third Saturday of the month is our adventure ride which includes new or rarely ridden roads, some dirt is possible and perhaps a gate or two.
  • The fourth Saturday is a flatter and shorter ride with distances between 50 and 70 miles with limited climbing.
  • Months that have a fifth Saturday will be a joint ride with the Regular riders following their route, with some bonus miles for those that are interested in a longer ride.

Please check the Forum > Club Rides & Events for ride changes due to extreme weather or other unforeseen events.

Jul 2: 4th of July OneClub Holiday Ride – New Route (40/4000, route map)

Jul 9: Old Hills, New Ways – New Route (57/6200, route map)

Jul 16: LJ Plus – New Route (82/6200, route map)

Jul 23: Esco/Hidden Hills/ Coast – New Route (62/4000, route map)

Jul 30: Bonsall/Oside-Shorter-Flatter-Faster (58/3500, route map)

Sunday Club Rides

Sunday rides continue to start at 8:30 am unless otherwise noted.
Ride coordinator: Karl Rudnick
NOTE: Sunday rides start at different locations (directions).

The Sunday ride is a NO DROP ride, with multiple regroups. All are welcome.
Check Forum > Club Rides & Events for ride changes due to extreme weather or other unforeseen events.

Route strategy: Rides vary in length from a short coffee ride the first week to slightly longer each week, ending the month with rides more typical of legacy Sunday rides, which were created for the Long Roadies group.

Jul 3: Start: Pancake House – Coffee at Zumbar (40/2800, route map)

Jul 10: Start: OCRR – Bernardo Fairbanks RSF (42/2900, route map)

Jul 17: Start: OCRR – Circle R – Fallbrook (52/3500, route map)

Jul 24: Start: OCRR – Elfin, RSF, 56 path, coast, Cannon (65/3900, route map)

Jul 31: Start: OCRR – Vista, Ranger, Rice Couser, Circle R (63/4900, route map)

This Month’s Rides

Saturday rides meet at the Old California Restaurant Row – OCRR – (behind Acapulco’s and Fish House Vera Cruz), 1020 San Marcos Blvd., between Hwy 78 and Rancho Santa Fe Rd. Click here for map.

Saturday Roadies rides this month start at 8:00 am unless otherwise noted.

On Strava

Saturday Regular Rides

Rides start @ OCRR at 8:00 unless otherwise noted.
Ride Coordinator: Ken Okamura
Be sure to check Forum > Club Rides & Events for changes due to weather or other unforeseen events


Jul 2: 4th of July OneClub Route from StageCoach (Regular Roadies) (41/3100, route map)
Ride Leader: Joan Bennett

Jul 9: Top of Torrey (44/2600, route map)
Ride Leader: Ken Okamura

Jul 16: Fairbanks & Solana Beach (40/2400, route map)
Ride Leader: Joan Bennett

Jul 23: Visiting Vista (43/2200, route map)
Ride Leader: Ken Okamura

Jul 30: Del Dios, RSF, Cannon, Faraday (44/2400, route map)
Ride Leader: Paul Sims