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The Roadies have two groups, Regular and Long. Regular rides are 35-45 miles and Long rides are 50-60 (sometimes longer) miles long. There are strong riders in each group but Long riders ride for a longer time. Average speeds for the whole ride for Regular rides is 14-18 and 16-18 for the Long rides. We are not a "racing" oriented club. If someone really is too slow we make sure they know where they are and how to get back to the start. Route slips are provided. Please introduce yourself when you come out on a ride. Visitors will be required to sign the NCCC waiver. Riders are expected to follow the NCCC Rules of Etiquette on all club rides. Also of interest is this article on Info for Group Riding. Send questions regarding Roadies rides to Lisa at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Thanks to our ride coordinators Robert for Regular rides, Anthony for Long rides, Diana for Alternate Long rides, Karl for Sunday rides, and Dan for Tuesday rides during DST.
Saturday Long Rides
Rides start @OCRR: 8:30 am unless otherwise noted. 
Ride leader:Anthony Scozzari
Please check the Forum > Club Rides & Events for ride changes due to extreme (hot or cold) weather.
Mar 7 - San Elijo, Del Dios, 56 bike path, El Camino - RSF Rd (60.1 mi, 4900', route map) Ursula leads

Mar 14
- Start 7:30am at Kit Carson - Pi ride (3/14/15, etc.) with pie (96 mi, 8690', route map) Nerius leads

Mar 21
– Twin Oaks-Melrose-Lilac-Miller-Wohlford (69.4 mi, 5100', route map) Sean C leads

Mar 28
- OCRR-Pomerado-56 Path-Coast-Cannon (60 mi, 3400’, route map) Karl leads

Sunday Long Rides
NOTE: Sunday rides start at different locations (directions).
Ride leader: Karl Rudnick
Sunday rides start at 8:30 am unless otherwise noted.
Check Forum > Club Rides & Events for ride changes due to weather extremes.

Mar 1 -  9am Start: Pine Valley - Buckman Springs, La Posta, Kitchen Creek, Laguna triangle (76 mi, 6400', route map)
Mar 8 - [Daylight Savings Time: Roll your clock forward or miss the start] Start: OCRR - Warmlands, Ranger, Green Canyon, W Lilac, Circle R (66 mi, 4400', route map)
Mar 15 - Start: Pancake House - Breakfast with Altitude - Alicante, Elfin, RSF (51 mi, 3500', route map)
Mar 22 - Start: Karl Strauss - Poinsettia, Elfin Forest, Del Dios, RSF return (58 mi, 4000', route map)
Mar 29 - Start: Palomar Airport - La Jolla Shores - Del Dios return (71 mi, 4300', route map)

For all Sunday routes and history click here.
This Month's Rides
Saturday rides meet at the Old California Restaurant Row - OCRR - (behind Acapulco’s and Fish House Vera Cruz), 1020 San Marcos Blvd., between Hwy 78 and Rancho Santa Fe Rd. Click here for map.  Most Saturday Roadies rides this month start at 8:30 am.
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Saturday Regular Rides

Rides start @OCRR: 8:30 am. unless otherwise noted. 
Ride leader
: Robert Abraham
March 7 - San Pasqual Valley - Out and around Escondido to San Pasqual. Bandy Canyon and Highland Valley.
40.3 miles / 2190' - route map
March 14 - 0172
- Rancho Santa Fe Rd and El Camino del Norte to Stud Loop. Return through NE Encinitas and climb Alicante to Palomar Airport Rd.
38.8 / 3000' - route map

March 21- 0835- Back roads of South Vista into Carlsbad. Return on La Costa and RSF Road. A route does the Twain Heights loop in Carlsbad and finishes with La Plaza.
A: 42.7 / 4050' - route map
B: 39.5 / 2750' - route map

March 28 - Twin Oaks to Bonsall - Out to Bonsall via Twin Oaks and Gopher Canyon. Return on Camino del Rey and Hwy 395. Before the break, A route makes a circuit out Morro Hills to Sleeping Indian and loops back on Olive Hill.
A: 46.2 / 2600' - route map
B: 37.8 / 2000' - route map

Saturday Long Ride Alternate
Rides continue to start @OCRR: 8:30 am unless otherwise noted.
Ride leader: Diana Wennerstrom
Ride 60+ miles with frequent regroups.

Mar 7 - Circle R, Lilac, Bonsall, Sleeping Indian, Coast. 65 miles

Mar 14 - Up Circle R, Lilac to Bonsall. Fallbrook loop to Raindow. Rice, Couser Canyons . 75 miles

Mar 21 - Ride leader absent.

Mar 28 - Elfin Forest, DelDios, RSF, 56 bike path, Poinsetta. 67 miles

Apr 4 - De Luz to Temecula 75 miles
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