Welcome to the Mountain Bike (MTB) section of the North County Cycle Club. Note that Team Spokey Dokes' rides start from different locations. Directions to start are given in each ride's description. Come and enjoy the dirt with us!

Ride Ratings
Beginner: rolling short climbs, frequent regroups, fire roads
Intermediate: few rolling hills, longer climbs, some steep hills, regroups, singletrack, fire roads
Advanced: steep hills, very long climbs, few regroups, technical singletrack, fire road.

PLEASE NOTE: A "USFS Adventure Pass" is required to park in the Cleveland National Forest. This would apply to: Pioneer Mail, Penny Pines and the Meadows Trailheads, Noble Canyon Trailhead in Pine Valley, Black Mountain and Mesa Grande Rides, and the Corral Canyon OHV Area Lake Morena ride.


Nothing scheduled until a new ride leader steps forward

Winter Weather: Be prepared for cold wet weather. Rides will be canceled if it's raining. Heavy rain in the week prior to the ride might cause a cancellation.

Check ride start times. Check each ride for proper start time. 

Open Days: Days when no rides are scheduled may be used to schedule according to weather and trail conditions. These rides will be posted on Forum > Club Rides & Events and to the TSD mailing list.

Ride leader
Frank will be stepping down as Ride Coordinator for the Team Spokey Doke Mountatin Bike section of the club this winter. If anyone is interested in taking over as ride coordinator contact the NCCC Board at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For ride information, directions or schedule requests contact TBD


Nothing scheduled until a new ride leader steps forward