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We did it. Bob Sheldon, Ursula Misiraca, Sherry Newsham, Ken Hartman and I rode from Vancouver B.C. to the Mexican border. We left Vancouver on August 30, 2015 and touched the fence on October 6, 2015.  Border 2 Border gangunpacking bikesFunny how when you take your bike apart and pack it, that after it arrives and you are trying to put it back together there are parts that don't fit, extra pieces and missing pieces and lots of adjustments needed to be made.

We arrived in Vancouver by train from Seattle. After checking into our hotel we were planning to cruise Stanley Park however, the park was closed due to unexpected high winds and downed trees. That’s how our adventure started trees blocking bike paths, wind, rain and being searched at the Canadian USA border.

Exploring Washington was an adventure of itself so many ferries and we rode many of them. There are some amazing places to cycle and or visit Whidbey Island and Deception Pass are two of them if you haven’t been there check them out online.

Burt on tour

My European bicycle tour has gotten off to an inauspicious start. With the help of two good friends, I got my large bicycle box, another slightly smaller box, myself, and two carry-ons up to LAX in plenty of time for the song and dance routine that the TSA puts you through and to board Norwegian Air's 787 Dreamliner. "Dream" would be the key word here. Things were going well as I boarded a pretty full plane and got a seat next to a comely Norwegian girl. I noticed the little hi-tech screen in front of me had a good selection of movies. Then we backed away from the gate.

After maybe 200 yards, I began chewing some gum in order to help equalize the pressure changes from climbing. Soon thereafter a recently installed crown popped off from a rear molar, exposing it's naked sensitive self. I began contemplating the inconvenience and expense of trying to find a dentist in Arctic Norway.

Shortly thereafter, the pilot comes on the speaker to announce a problem with the hydraulic system and that we have to return to the gate for repairs. I'm all about safety, so this seemed prudent. After about three hours a further announcement indicated that it could not be fixed and we all must de-plane, including all baggage. It took about two hours for my boxes to arrive at the "Oversize Baggage" door. Then it was up to the check-in terminal to get a voucher for a hotel stay near the airport. This line took three hours to get through, then the wait for the shuttle bus, and the wait to check in at the hotel.

During these incessant waits, I developed a new plan, taking into consideration my dental needs. They couldn't possibly insist that I take the morning flight on offer, but would allow me to re-schedule in the near future at my convenience. This worked! And I could leave my large boxes in their care until my return.

So, after a solid hour of sleep, I took a shuttle to the airport terminal, to catch a shuttle to Union Station, to catch a Metrolink train south, to catch a light rail ride close to my house. Who said California doesn't have any public transportation?

I am writing this from home, tooth repaired, and have a new flight schedule in place. I'm leaving from LAX on Wednesday, June 11th for Alta, Norway and returning Wednesday, September 10th from Stockholm. Traveling is hard work!
June 12-14, 2014 photos
Touring bike and stuff

The good news is that I finally got to Alta, Norway and have my first day of riding under my belt. The bad news is that my bluetooth keyboard crapped out and if I can find a replacement in a few days, I'll be lucky.

What this means is that I have to peck at my little android like a chicken in order to enlighten those interested with my trip. This isn't what I signed up for. I'll do my best as I watch Costa Rica throttle Uruguay from the ArcticFjord Camp just north of Burfjord. Oh! The humanity!