DSCF0368  Jan 6 Zumaque not rideable AGAIN - only one rider showed up to ride DSCF0353  Zumaque under water - Dec. 9 - cancelled ride DSCF0349  Witch Creek fire makes it to Zumaque DSCF0350  Not much left DSCF0354  Burnt San Dieguito River Valley hiltonsToys  Hilton's toys
TheronsNbhd  Theron's Neighborhood josh-2  1st Lt Goldman J.D. USMC, NC3 rider Josh, with a group of admirers in Djibouti josh-1  Josh with a soccer ball - show these kids how to ride a bike ! OCCR 01 OCCR 02 OCCR 03
OCCR 04 OCCR 05 OCCR 06 DSCF0076  Matt beats all to top of Champagne DSCF0074  Mark at top of Champagne: "Who is this non-NC3 guy totally sucking my wheel?" DSCF0075  Phyllis has power at top of Champagne.
DSCF0078  Daniel's smiling on Champagne as Tony herds the crew. DSCF0077  Diana - enjoying her Champagne toast DSCF0014  Jim - still has power at the top of Los Gatos DSCF0010  Bert's friend Joel - turning the cranks on LG DSCF0011  Lee - smiling at the top of Los Gatos - what the ...? DSCF0012  Bert - the last paperboy at the top
DSCF0013  Pete crests Los Gatos - don't fall back down - 29% DSCF0007  Michael and Nancy with their album DSCF0008  Michael telling stories - first ride: 4 old guys 02-bobWinstonPodium-SRC-Fontana-25pct  Bob Winston rides to 1st place - SRC Finals, Fontana threeamigos clubrideprep  í
davewasinthebushes ginoonpalomarmt goatbutts JoeandBrad kellyatvistapoint  Kellyjay with riders at mile 60. SD 400K Brevet. Read full ride report with pictures in April newsletter. leeandjamesschwarz
longridersleave ridersgroupup tonyandducks  í